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Saturday, August 11, 2018

DIY Kitchen Disinfectant Spray

DIY Kitchen Disinfectant Spray
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Are you using a store bought spray to clean the counters and all the other surfaces in your kitchen? The use of these products may not be the best for your health as they contain all types of additives. A better option is to make a DIY kitchen disinfectant spray instead.

Making your own DIY kitchen disinfectant spray will be really easy to do. The best part is the mixture is completely kid safe and means they can help you clean up the kitchen! All you will need to do is make a batch that will remove grime and also kill germs. The ingredients are all natural too.

A simple plastic spray bottle is all you need for a DIY kitchen disinfectant spray? If plastic does not work well for you, then a stainless steel bottle may be better. Just remember to shake it vigorously before using it so all of the ingredients are mixed together. Instructions to make an all natural DIY kitchen disinfectant spray are on here…